Reefer ATO upgrade Kit (for existing Reefer owners)



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Upgrade your existing Reefer aquarium with the Reefer ATO upgrade kit, which includes everything you need to add an automatic top-off system to your tank. This convenient kit saves you time and effort by automatically maintaining consistent water levels in your tank, ensuring that your fish and coral stay healthy and happy.
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ReeferATO Upgrade Kit (for existing Reefer owners) -Red Sea

The ReefATO upgrade kit is designed for Reefer owners who want to add an automatic top-off (ATO) system to their aquarium without having to purchase a complete ATO unit. The kit includes a water level sensor, controller, and mounting bracket, as well as tubing and fittings to connect the sensor to the controller. The sensor is placed in the sump or other reservoir and the controller automatically adds freshwater to maintain a consistent water level in the aquarium. This ensures that salinity and other important water parameters remain stable, which is crucial for the health of your aquatic life. The ReeferATO upgrade kit is easy to install and is compatible with all Red Sea Reefer aquariums. With this kit, you can enjoy the convenience and peace of mind of an ATO system without the expense of a full unit. This ReefATO  Upgrade Kit is intended to upgrade the existing ATO in Red Sea Aquarium(this kit does not come with the corner probe mounting bracket - instead the old style float valve is removed from the bracket, and the probe mounted in its place). Additional features:
  • Fail-proof (solid-state) water level sensor with built-in safety shutoff.
  • Quiet, 12 VDC variable flow (6–10w) ATO pump - 4.5cm diameter opening (will fit most jerry can openings!), max flow 300 lph, max head 2.5m.
  • Magnetic sensor mounting bracket for up to ½” glass with snap-in ATO+ sensor holder.
  • 3 meter silicone tubing with siphon-breaker and splash-free tube holder with lock-nuts.
  • Titanium leak detector with an audible alarm.
  • Online temperature sensor with a ±0.1° precision.
  • Detailed top-off and temperature logs.
  • RO reservoir volume monitor.
  • Integration with ReefBeat’s Feed/Maintenance/Emergency Quick Actions.
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