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The ReefLed 160S Hanging Kit is a set of hardware accessories designed to facilitate the hanging of your ReefLed 160S LED light fixture. This kit includes everything you need to securely suspend your light above your aquarium, including two adjustable cables, two ceiling anchors, and four cable clamps. The cables can be easily adjusted to achieve the desired height and angle for your light fixture, and the cable clamps help to keep the cables neatly organized and out of the way. The ceiling anchors are designed to provide a strong and secure attachment point, ensuring that your light stays safely suspended above your tank.
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The ReefLed 160S Hanging Kit is a must-have accessory for hanging your ReefLed 160S light fixture. The kit includes all the necessary hardware and cables to easily hang your light fixture from the ceiling or a hanging kit. The kit includes two adjustable steel cables and two carabiner clips that attach to the light fixture. The cables are adjustable in length to accommodate a variety of mounting heights and can be easily adjusted with the included wrench. The kit also includes a power cord that connects your light fixture to a power source. The ReefLed 160S Hanging Kit is easy to install and provides a secure and stable mounting solution for your light fixture. With this hanging kit, you can easily adjust the height and position of your ReefLed 160S light fixture to achieve the perfect lighting for your aquarium.
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