ReefLED 90 Pendant for 100-120cm (39″-48″) tank – White



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The ReefLED 90 Pendant is a powerful LED lighting solution designed for aquariums with a size range of 100-120cm (39"-48"). With its sleek white finish, full spectrum lighting, and customizable color channels, this pendant provides optimal lighting conditions for coral growth and enhances the overall aesthetic of your aquarium. Upgrade your aquarium lighting with the ReefLED 90 Pendant today.
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Red Sea Reefled 90 pendant for 100-120cm (39"-48") tank - White

The Red Sea reefled 90 pendant is a high-quality lighting solution designed to provide optimal lighting conditions for coral growth in aquariums with a size range of 100-120cm (39"-48"). This powerful LED pendant features a sleek white finish that adds a touch of elegance to your aquarium while providing powerful and efficient lighting. The ReefLED 90 Pendant offers a full spectrum of lighting, which includes both white and colored LEDs. The customizable color channels enable you to adjust the lighting to match the specific needs of your aquarium and its inhabitants. Additionally, this pendant comes with advanced lighting control options, including wireless connectivity, making it easy to adjust the lighting from anywhere in the room. This lighting solution is perfect for reef enthusiasts who want to take their aquarium lighting to the next level. The ReefLED 90 Pendant provides the perfect balance of light intensity and spectrum to promote coral growth and coloration. Its powerful LEDs provide ample light penetration, allowing corals to thrive even in the deepest parts of your aquarium. The ReefLED 90 Pendant is designed for easy installation and maintenance. It comes with an adjustable mounting system that can be easily attached to the rim of your aquarium. Additionally, its energy-efficient design and long-lasting LEDs ensure that you will save money on electricity bills and replacement costs. In conclusion, if you're looking for a powerful and efficient lighting solution for your aquarium, the ReefLED 90 Pendant is an excellent choice. Its full spectrum lighting, customizable color channels, and advanced lighting control options make it one of the best LED pendants on the market. Upgrade your aquarium lighting with the ReefLED 90 Pendant today and experience the difference it can make.
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