White 5W Aquarium LED Light – Daylight/65K



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Nano LED Clip Light 5w/Daylight USB powered Clip-On Light Its color is white. lamp's body is white, not black.
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Product Details and Features

  • The White 5W Aquarium LED Light - Daylight/65K has a rubberized on/off button
  • Easily clips onto the aquarium
  • Ideal for Nano Basic Aquarium
The White 5W Aquarium LED Light - Daylight/65K is a high-performance and energy-efficient lighting solution that is ideal for a variety of applications. This LED light has a sleek white design and offers a daylight color temperature of 65K, which is perfect for tank lighting. With a power output of 5 watts, this LED light provides bright and consistent illumination while consuming minimal energy. Its long-lasting and durable design makes it a great option for aquarium use, and it's easy to install. This LED light is suitable for a variety of settings. All Nano LED Clip Lights
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