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The ReefLED 90 Pendant is a powerful LED lighting solution designed for aquariums with a size range of 100-120cm (39"-48"). With its sleek white finish, full spectrum lighting, and customizable color channels, this pendant provides optimal lighting conditions for coral growth and enhances the overall aesthetic of your aquarium. Upgrade your aquarium lighting with the ReefLED 90 Pendant today.
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ReefLED 160 S Adapter tray for Pendant - Red Sea

The ReefLED 160 S adapter Tray designed for Pendants is a handy accessory that lets you quickly mount and position the ReefLED 160S light fixture on top of your aquarium with the pendant-style suspension system. The tray adapter is specifically designed to secure the light fixture of the ReefLED 160S and provides a stable and flexible mounting solution. The tray for the adapter is constructed of high-quality materials, which ensures longevity and durability. It has a slim and sleek design that seamlessly blends into your aquarium's design and adds a touch of class to your reef tank. This pendant suspension design has many advantages. It permits precise positioning for the lighting fixture permitting you to direct light precisely in the places it's needed most. This will ensure optimal lighting for your corals as well as enhance their growth and appearance. Additionally, hanging the light fixture removes the need for heavy brackets or mounting arms which allows for a clear and unobstructed view of the aquarium. The tray for adapters was designed with adaptability in mind. It comes with a variety of angles and height adjustments which allow you to fine-tune the position of the lighting fixture to meet the requirements of your tank. This versatility ensures that you will get the required light coverage and intensity you want for the coral reef ecosystem. The installation of the ReefLED 160S Adapter Tray for the Pendant is easy and painless. The tray includes everything you need to set up the equipment and instructions to make the process simple and quick. The ReefLED 160S Adapter Tray to Pendant it is possible to enhance the appearance and function of your aquarium lighting set-up. Get the advantages of clear lighting control, unobstructed views as well as a sleek and contemporary design. You can create a spectacular display of vivid corals and breathtaking marine life with the ease and flexibility that comes with this ReefLED 160S adapter tray to Pendant.
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