Reefer XXL750 G2+ Deluxe System – Black (incl. 4 X RL 90 & Mount arms)



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The Reefer XXL750 G2+ Deluxe System in black is a high-end aquarium system that includes four RL90 LED lights and mount arms. This system is designed for serious aquarium enthusiasts and features a large 750-gallon capacity, making it ideal for keeping a wide variety of aquatic life. The G2+ model includes several upgrades, including improved skimming performance, enhanced filtration, and customizable flow options. The included RL90 LED lights offer excellent light coverage and coloration, while the mount arms allow for easy installation and adjustment. Overall, the Reefer XXL750 G2+ Deluxe System is a top-of-the-line aquarium system that provides everything you need to create a stunning aquatic environment.
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Red Sea 750 XXL G2+ Deluxe System - Black

The Reefer Red Sea 750 XXL G2+ Deluxe System in black is a premium-quality, high-performance aquarium system designed for serious reef-keeping enthusiasts. This complete system includes everything you need to get started with your reef aquarium, including four RL 90 LED lights and mount arms. The Reefer XXL750 G2+ Deluxe System features a large, 200-gallon capacity tank that measures 71" x 30" x 25". The tank is made from ultra-clear, low-iron glass for optimal viewing of your aquatic life. The aquarium features a built-in, rear sump filtration system that is designed to keep your water clean and healthy. The sump filtration system features an adjustable water level, a skimmer chamber, a refugium chamber, and a return pump chamber. The skimmer chamber is large enough to accommodate a variety of different skimmers, while the refugium chamber is perfect for growing macroalgae and other beneficial organisms. The included RL 90 LED lights provide bright and efficient lighting for your reef aquarium. The lights are mounted on adjustable arms that can be positioned to provide optimal lighting coverage for your tank. The lights are fully programmable, allowing you to create a custom lighting schedule for your reef inhabitants. The Reefer XXL750 G2+ Deluxe System also includes a sturdy cabinet stand in black. The stand is made from high-quality materials and is designed to support the weight of the aquarium and all of its contents. The stand features ample storage space for all of your aquarium equipment and supplies. Overall, the Reefer XXL750 G2+ Deluxe System is an exceptional aquarium system that is perfect for serious reef-keeping enthusiasts. It is easy to set up and maintain, and it provides a beautiful and healthy environment for your aquatic life.


Display tank length: 180cm

Display tank height: 60cm

Display tank width: 65cm

Total system height: 148cm

Total system water vol.: 750L

Display tank water vol.: 600L

In-cabinet sump water vol.: 150L

Ultra-clear front glass: 19mm

Ultra-clear side glass: 19mm

Bottom glass: 19mm

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