Reefer XXL625 G2+ Deluxe System – White (incl. 2 X RL 160 & Mount arms)



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The Reefer XXL625 G2+ Deluxe System in white includes 2 RL 160 lights and mount arms. This system is designed for aquarium enthusiasts who want a larger tank, with a capacity of 625 liters. It features a G2+ sump filtration system that provides efficient and customizable filtration. The system also includes a deluxe cabinet that complements the overall design and provides ample storage space. With the RL 160 lights and mount arms included, this system is a complete package for those who want to set up a high-quality reef aquarium.
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Reefer 625 G2 + Deluxe System - White (incl. 2 X RL 160 & Mount arms)

The Reefer 625 G2 + Deluxe System in White is the perfect solution for aquarium enthusiasts looking for a high-quality and reliable reef aquarium system. This deluxe system includes everything you need to get started, including two RL 160 LED lights and mount arms. The Reefer XXL625 G2+ is a modern and sleek aquarium system that offers a large display area with a total volume of 625 liters. The aquarium is made of ultra-clear glass, which provides excellent clarity and ensures that you get a clear view of your aquatic life. The deluxe system also features a built-in sump filtration system, which provides superior mechanical and biological filtration. The sump system is designed to be easy to access, making it simple to perform routine maintenance and keep your aquarium clean and healthy. The two included RL 160 LED lights are specifically designed for reef aquariums and provide high-quality lighting that promotes the growth and health of your coral and other aquatic plants. The lights are adjustable, allowing you to create the perfect lighting conditions for your specific needs. The mount arms included with the system make it easy to securely mount the lights over the aquarium, ensuring that they stay in place and provide optimal lighting coverage. The mount arms are also adjustable, allowing you to customize the placement of the lights to suit your needs. Overall, the Reefer XXL625 G2+ Deluxe System in White is a top-of-the-line reef aquarium system that provides everything you need to create a beautiful and healthy aquatic environment in your home or office. With its high-quality construction, advanced filtration system, and professional-grade lighting, this deluxe system is the perfect choice for serious aquarium enthusiasts  
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