Reefer Peninsula G2+ S-700 Deluxe System – White (3 x RL160S, pendant 125-150cm)



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REEFER Peninsula If you're interested in adding the distinct appeal of a peninsula-style coral reef aquarium to your office or home it's not necessary to have an entirely custom-built system for doing it. Red Sea's brand-new REEFER Peninsula provides the color and ambiance to any office or living space for a fraction of the price of a custom-built installation.
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The new and improved line of Red Sea Reefer Peninsulas that are reef-ready

4 model sizes: 38''-79''/ 96-200 cm The cabinet and tank are extra-fortified. Advanced water management The Lighting is Included 3x ReefLED 160 1x Pendant 3x ReefLed Tray RL160S The Supersized Models with Enhanced Supersized Features REEFER-S P700 and P950 G2+ The REEFER S Peninsula 700 / G2+ are extremely attractive which is why they are great to be used in living areas, lobby areas, or other large areas.

19mm ultra-clear glass

Low-iron 19mm glass offers the highest clarity and shows the real hues of the fish that inhabit your reef.

Fortified internal frame aquarium

REEFER-S aquariums have a chic jet-black frame that protects the 19mm thick ultra-clear glass.

Outlets for Dual Return Pumps

Every single one of the REEFER Peninsula models comes with double return outlets, resulting in even more efficient water distribution.

Surface skimmer

The pipe is hidden within an overflow box centrally located, that has a big surface skimmer that has removable comb components, to make cleaning easy.

Silent downflow system

The larger rectangular inlet for the downflow pipe minimizes turbulent air which makes it easier to manage.

Cabinet made of aluminum marine-spec

The marine-spec cabinet comes with an easily replaceable exterior and is connected to a strong and durable aluminum superstructure.

Hydrodynamically superior pipes

Hydrodynamically enhanced return pipe guarantees a strong flow right up to the top in the tanks. The pipes are made with fast connectors on all joints (no glue is needed). Bulkhead connectors to both Metric, as well as USA standard pipes, are available for purchase separately which allows you to modify your sump pipe.

High-precision valve

All models now come with the latest and most improved high-precision valve that is fitted on the downflow pipe which allows for simple control of flow as well as a near-silent operation.


The easily removed mechanical filtration compartment is designed to allow the quick plug & Play installation of the ReefMat 500/2000.


Each of the Red Sea Reefer Peninsula models is equipped with the most advanced ReefATO+ system, which helps keep your salinity and volume of water steady and comes with a precise temperature monitor as well as an extremely sensitive leak detector. *Reservoir not included.

Professional principal sump

The professional sump has an adjustable mechanical filtration media area (with micron filters and filter cups) and a separate refugium compartment and a skimmer with an adjustable height chamber for maximum skimmer performance and an air bubble trap to stop air bubbles from re-entering the aquarium.

Sump for extension (S-950 only)

The extension sump could be used to create a separate aquarium, a bigger refugium, or just for additional filtering. Additionally, the extension sump could be separated from the main sump and utilized for an RO reservoir, or to change saltwater.

Chiller and chamber for hardware

The majority of Red Sea Reefer Peninsula models have an additional chamber that can be used to house controllers, chillers, and other devices.

Control panel

The control panel slide-out allows the ability to mount easily and provides access to controls and additional equipment. The actual color of the cabinet's inside is dark black.

Hidden adjustable feet

The adjustable feet permit an ideal leveling of any surface. They are covered by the cabinet's exterior to give it a more refined design. View more
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