Reefer G2+ XL-525 Complete System – Black (150cm)



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The Reefer G2+ XL-525 Complete System in black is a high-end aquarium system with advanced features including a configurable sump and built-in overflow system. This system, which measures 150cm in length, is ideal for bigger reef aquarium systems.
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Red Sea Reefer 525 xl Complete System - Black (150cm) The Red Sea Reefer 525 xl  System with black color is top-quality complete aquarium system that is specifically designed for the most serious reef enthusiast. With the length of 150cm, this entire system is ideal for large reef aquariums. The entire system is equipped with an array of sophisticated features, such as a custom sump with an adjustable level of water and a top-off reservoir that is integrated as well as an integrated overflow system. It also comes with an excellent protein skimmer, an in-line return pump, as well as an LED lighting system. The sump can be customized to allow an array of options for filtration and the variable level of water helps maintain constant levels of water in the system. The top-off reservoir is integrated, allowing automatic top-offs of water, which help maintain the stability of parameters of water. The built-in overflow system will ensure an efficient water flow throughout the entire system. This is crucial to maintain the health of your reef's inhabitants. The top-quality protein skimmer gets rid of organic wastes out of the water, which helps to maintain the high quality of the water. The return pump was designed to ensure consistent flow of water throughout the entire system. Meanwhile, it's LED light system offers all-species lighting to aid in the growth of coral and photosynthesis. With its elegant black color, this system is a modern addition to any space. The black finish can also help to reduce visual distractions in the aquarium, allowing the fish to make a statement. Overall The Reefer G2+ XL-525 Total System that comes in black a premium aquarium system that has everything you require to set up and sustain a flourishing reef aquarium. With its sophisticated features and elegant style, this product will surely delight even the most sophisticated reef lover.
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