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For saltwater fans, Reefer G2+ XL 200 Complete System in black is a premium all-in-one aquarium system. It has a roomy sump and cabinet, cutting-edge filtration, and premium parts to support healthy aquatic life. The Reefer G2+ XL 200 is a great option for seasoned reef keepers and aquarists wishing to upgrade to a larger, more sophisticated system because of its elegant aesthetic and powerful performance.
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Red Sea Reefer G2+ XL 200 Complete System Black

The Red Sea Reefer G2+ XL 200 Complete System in black is a state-of-the-art all-in-one aquarium system that provides everything needed for a successful reef tank. This system comes fully equipped with a sump, protein skimmer, return pump, and other essential equipment to support your marine life. The tank is made from high-quality, low-iron glass, and the cabinet is constructed from durable, moisture-resistant materials to ensure longevity and protection against wear and tear. The XL 200 model provides a spacious 52-gallon display tank and a 39-gallon sump, providing ample space for a thriving reef environment. The protein skimmer is powered by an energy-efficient DC pump and has an adjustable height to accommodate different water levels. The return pump is also DC-powered and provides quiet, efficient flow. The lighting system is also included, featuring two AI Hydra 32 HD LED lights that provide full-spectrum illumination for your corals and other marine life. The lighting is fully controllable through an easy-to-use app, allowing you to adjust color, intensity, and other settings as needed. In addition to the essential equipment, this system also includes a dosing container, heater, and an ATO (Auto Top Off) system to maintain proper water levels. The cabinet features a stylish, modern design and is equipped with soft-close doors and ample storage space for all of your aquarium supplies. Overall, the Reefer G2+ XL 200 Complete System in black provides a convenient and reliable solution for setting up and maintaining a beautiful reef tank in your home or office.
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