ReefBlizzard – LP -Xtreme Color – for LPS / Anemone Soft Sinking Pellet, High in Astaxanthin



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Reef Blizzard - LPX

ReefBlizzard LPXtreme Color Pellets can help bring out the vibrant hues in LPS corals and anemones by enriching their colors with astaxanthin, while encouraging their growth. Sinking through the water like floating paint chips, these colorful pellets increase vibrancy of colors while simultaneously stimulating coral growth.
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Reef Blizzard - LPX

Reef Blizzard LPX Extreme Color Pellets provide optimal nutrition to enhance the vibrancy and health of LPS corals, anemones and corals with its sinking pellets containing significant levels of astaxanthin - an extremely potent carotenoid which enhances their color. Created specifically to meet the nutritional requirements of Large Polyp Stony (LPS) corals and anemones, this innovative formula contains specially selected marine ingredients designed to supply essential nutrients necessary for their healthy growth. Astaxanthin, an antioxidant naturally present in many marine species, not only enhances their stunning colors but also boosts their overall health. Reef Blizzard's LPX Extreme Color Pellets provide the easiest and most efficient eating experience possible for corals and anemones with LPS to grab, which enhances their natural response to food. Each pellet provides a balanced diet designed to mimic what would naturally exist in an ocean environment and help ensure they thrive in your aquarium environment. Regular usage of the LPXtreme Color Pellets with ReefBlizzard will result in enhanced appearance and visible development for corals, anemones and LPS species in your aquarium. Their rich nutritional profile helps ensure their continued health and strength resulting in vibrant aquarium life. Feeding can be accomplished in several ways. Simply scatter food pellets around the desired organisms in your aquarium and observe their responses before making adjustments as necessary. For optimal results, ReefBlizzard LPXtreme Color Pellets must become part of an overall nutrition strategy for your reef aquarium. ReefBlizzard's LPXtreme Color Pellets can transform your tank's appearance into an exciting and vibrant underwater environment with their color-boosting capability. Watch LPS corals as well as anemones thrive while receiving all of the nutrients they require to flourish and flourish.
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2.1 lbs
2.1 × 1.6 × 0.12 in
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