Red Sea Salt 15.4 gal treats 55 gallons



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  • All-natural and Eco-friendly
  • Biologically balanced levels of foundation elements
  • Full complement of trace elements
  • Guaranteed parameters for 10 liter / 2.5 gal mix.
  • No toxic levels of Heavy Metals
  • No chemical binders
  • Low moisture content
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Red Sea Salt
  • Premium grade
  • Moderate Alkalinity
  • Balanced levels of foundation elements (Calcium, Magnesium, Bicarbonates) for sustainable coral growth
  • Alkalinity of 8dKH ideal for all reef aquarium types, especially SPS dominated tanks
  • Higher dissolvability for convenient mixing (takes about 20 minutes from bucket to tank)

Red Sea Salt contains moderately elevated and balanced levels of the foundation elements necessary for sustainable coral growth. When combined with our reef care recipes, it maximizes pigment saturation to bring out your coral’s most vivid colors, while encouraging growth up to twice the natural rate.
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