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Aquariums that require a tank mounted bracket to support its light are the ideal candidates for the  Red Sea ReefLED 160s Universal Mounting Arm. For quick and simple access to the top of your aquarium for feeding or maintenance, Red Sea's Mounting Arm mounts firmly to the back wall of your aquarium. On aquariums with a front-to-back measurement of 22.5" to 32", the support will position the light precisely. The aquarium can be completely disassembled and reinstalled in a couple of minutes thanks to the assembly's speed.
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Red Sea ReefLED 160S Universal Mounting Arm Product Overview: The ReefLED 160s Universal Mounting Arm is designed to provide sturdy support for aquarium lights, particularly suited for tank-mounted setups. Red Sea's Mounting Arm securely attaches to the back wall of your aquarium, offering convenient access to the tank's top for feeding and maintenance tasks. With easy assembly and removal, this mounting solution offers flexibility and convenience for aquarium enthusiasts. Features:
  • Securely attaches to the back wall of the aquarium
  • Easily lifted to an upright position for tank access
  • Supports aquariums with widths ranging from 22.5" to 32"
  • Maximum glass thickness of 3/4"
  • Quick assembly and removal for hassle-free installation and maintenance
  • Aquarium Width Range: 22.5" - 32"
  • Max. Glass Thickness: 3/4"
What's Included:
  • 1x Vertical Mounting Arm
  • 1x Horizontal Mounting Arm
  • 1x Hinged Bracket
  • 1x Tank Mounting Bracket
  • 1x Light Mounting Bracket

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