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ReBiotic 100% Natural 100 ml is a safe and effective aquarium water treatment that promotes a healthy, balanced environment for fish, plants, and other aquatic species. It contains a mixture of helpful microorganisms that aid in the breakdown of waste and the reduction of hazardous chemicals in the water.
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Fauna Marin ReBiotic 100% Natural 100 ml

Fauna Marin ReBiotic of 100% Natural is an aquarium water treatment that was designed to create a healthy, well-balanced habitat for plants, fish, and other aquatic animals. It contains a mix of beneficial microorganisms, which work to eliminate waste and remove harmful toxins that are present in water. The microorganisms that live in ReBiotic are able in order to break down and digest organic matter such as waste from fish, uncooked food, and other debris that helps prevent the accumulation of harmful substances in aquarium water. This process can also help create a healthy and stable nitrogen cycle within the aquarium, which is vital to maintain the well-being of the ecosystem. ReBiotic is simple to use. Just add the amount recommended to the water in your aquarium, allowing the microorganisms to perform their magic. ReBiotic is 100% natural and safe to use in all kinds of aquariums that include saltwater, freshwater, and reef tanks. If you use ReBiotic frequently, you will assist in maintaining an ideal and balanced environment for your aquarium that will improve the longevity and health of your fish as well as other aquatic creatures. So why put it off? Give ReBiotic today and experience the difference it makes for your aquarium! Application:
  • Place PREBIOTIC bacterial strains in an additional container and then fill it with 1 Liter of water from an aquarium. Mix the water sample multiple times to activate bacterial colonies.
  • After one hour After 1 hour, slowly add the bacterial solution to the high-flow zone of the aquarium. Turn OFF the skimmer for 6 hours.
  • Switch off OZONE and UV for about 48 hours.
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