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Made from durable stainless steel Made of durable stainless steel, the JBJ Pro Scaper Set is ideal for your aquarium with a planted design.
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Pro Aquarium Scraper Set consists of:

JBJ Water Plant Curved Scissors (10")

  • Find places that are difficult to reach and cut down plants in the foreground quickly.
  • Trim or clip the aquatic plants, and grasses.

JBJ Water Plant Straight Pinsette (10.6")

  • It is easy to manipulate in tanks that have narrow openings

JBJ Water Plant Curved Pinsette (10.6").

  • ideal for plant maintenance 
Pro Aquarium Scraper Set is specifically designed to trim carpeting plants as well as plants or leaves growing near to ground at an angle that is low, which means your palm or hand using the scissors may be very close to the surface of your tank if required. These scissors are ultra-sharp, together with their mechanism and the rest of their parts are made from professional-grade stainless steel that guarantees unbeatable performance and quality.
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