NanoCode A – Balanced 2-part Nano-Reef Dosing System – Part A (Elements)



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NanoCode A - Balanced 2-part Nano-Reef Dosing System

NanoCode A is designed to help maintain the health and vitality of coral in nano-reef environments by dispensing essential elements at just the right doses - giving your coral the care it needs for an active ecosystem. Part-A (Elements) dosing system ensures balanced marine ecosystems.
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NanoCode A - Balanced 2-part Nano-Reef Dosing System

NanoCode A is the cornerstone of our two-part nano-reef dosing program designed to promote healthy coral growth and health in smaller aquariums. Part A (Elements) was specifically created with this in mind; providing essential elements needed to support marine life within an aquarium's nano-reef aquarium. By using NanoCode A, you can create a vibrant nano-reef that showcases your coral's beauty while remaining natural looking. Establishing the optimal conditions in a nano-reef aquarium is paramount to its inhabitants' wellbeing and overall health. It was specifically created to meet this need by providing essential elements needed for metabolic processes, tissue formation and overall wellbeing of corals and marine life. Through offering this combination of essential components, NanoCode A ensures your nano-reef's inhabitants have all of the essential building blocks necessary for growth and expansion. NanoCode A is grounded in extensive research that seeks to understand the specific dietary needs of corals living in nanoreef environments. Corals depend on specific elements, which contribute to various biological processes in corals; NanoCode A's scientifically calibrated formula meets this need, providing balanced components necessary for both health and growth/coloration in an environmentally sustainable manner. It is truly remarkable because of its versatility. No matter if your nano-reef contains SPS corals, soft corals or LPS corals - NanoCode A (Elements) will meet their individual requirements with ease and effectiveness. Plus, its dosing method complements coral care routines by offering an effortless means of maintaining balance within even small environments like nanoreefs. Implementing NanoCode A into your nano-reef maintenance regime is straightforward. Simply follow the dosing guidelines to add part A (Elements) remedy into your routine, while Part B (Alkalinity) acts as a complementary treatment offering an extensive dosing plan that ensures the optimal balance of elements for its inhabitants in your nano-reef ecosystem. NanoCode A not only improves coral health and growth, it also boosts the aesthetic value of aquarium nano-reefs. By encouraging optimal coral health, NanoCode A adds to the beauty and depth of natural coral reef ecosystems in nature while adding stunning underwater scenery that shows their depth and beauty. NanoCode A can enhance your experience at the nano-reef by witnessing its extraordinary transformation as corals flourish and reveal their natural beauty. You will be guided in creating a balanced marine ecosystem which replicates nature's breathtaking coral reefs; enjoy witnessing your nano-reef transform into an eye-catching exhibit of health and vitality for corals to flourish on an underwater canvas!
125 ml / 4 fl. oz., 250 ml /8.5 fl. oz., 500 ml / 17 fl. oz.
1.6 lbs
1.6 × 5.1 × 0.31 in
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