Midas Blenny

Greek Name: Ecsenius midas



The Midas Blenny is an ideal option for an aquarium with a reef. It’s a stunning deep golden-yellow color with a blue-blue shadow under the chin and clear blue-rimmed eyes. While swimming, the movement they make is very eel-like.
The blenny would prefer having a minimum tank that is 30 gallons or greater with plenty of rocks to rest. Sometimes the Midas Blenny can cause trouble to small planktivores and has been reported to attack gobies and fish. Tanks that are larger are more beneficial since some of the Midas’s aggression traits appear to be related to a confined tank environment.


Contrary to other blennies, this saltwater aquarium fish needs a substantial diet that includes small pieces of crustacean flesh Mysis, vitamin-rich brine shrimps, as well as frozen herbivorous dishes of blue-green algae and other algae based foods.


Approximate Purchase Size: Small: 1″ to 2″; Medium: 2″ to 3″; Large: 3″ to 4″; X Large 4″ to 6″


Care Level




Color Form

Black, Blue, Brown, Yellow



Reef Compatible


Water Conditions

sg 1.020-1.025, 72-78° F, dKH 8-12, pH 8.1-8.4

Max Size



Africa, Maldives



Minimum Tank

30 gallons


General info about Midas Blenny

The Midas Blenny is a fantastic fish to put in an aquarium with a reef. It’s beautiful deep golden yellow with a blue shadow under the chin, and bright blue-rimmed eyes. When they swim, the motion it uses is very similar to an eel. This blenny would be happy in an oversized medium or large tank that has plenty of rocks to sit on. Sometimes, the Midas blenny can irritate small planktivores and is recognized for its ability to attack gobies and firefish. The larger tanks are beneficial as many of this blenny species aggressive behaviors appear to be a result of a tight tank.

Additional information


Large, Medium, Small

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