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Recommend aquariums with a maximum of 10 gallons. Or with a surface with a thickness of up to 3/16" *used in acrylic tins ? Product dimensions 1 3/4" 15/16" 1 3/4" x 15/16""
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The Mag-Float nano is designed to take aquarium maintenance to the next level of convenience, making the job of clearing away debris and algae effortless. No more wet hands or awkward tools are required for cleaning! Mag-Float Nano's innovative magnetic design makes algae removal from aquariums simple. The interior magnet securely adheres to the glass while its exterior counterpart tracks your movements from outside for an effective and thorough clean-up process. No matter your level of experience in aquarium maintenance, Mag-Float can revolutionize how you approach it. Offering an effortless method for keeping an unobstructed view of life beneath you and giving you time to appreciate beautiful plants and fish life beneath you. Imagine using the Mag-Float across your aquarium glass, watching algae and debris dissolve without needing sticky fingers or awkward equipment to do it! Not only will this cleaning tool save time and energy but it can also add to the aesthetic appeal of your fish tank. Make it an essential part of your aquarium care routine and experience both its convenience and effectiveness at keeping the tank spotless without breaking a sweat. Enjoy cleaning as a joy, reap the rewards of tidying and beautifying surroundings, and explore an experience where cleaning becomes part of life itself! Enhance your aquarium experience now with Mag-Float nano, discover its effortless maintenance benefits for yourself. The Mag-Float Nano is an efficient cleaning tool for aquariums with limited space or limited access, making it an excellent solution. Featuring its innovative magnetic design, you can effortlessly wash inside of any acrylic or glass aquarium using this small yet effective device. An internal magnet securely fastens to the interior surface while an exterior piece follows your hand movements from outside - automatically cleaning dirt and algae when you move! Easily maintain an attractive nano aquarium environment using Mag-Float Nano without water-soaked hands or hard work! Keep your nano aquarium sparklingly beautiful using this small yet efficient device!
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