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Mag-Float Large

Recommend aquariums with a maximum of the size of 125 gallons. Or with a surface that is that is greater than 3/8" product dimensions 2 3/4" 2 3/4" x 1 1/2" x 1" scrapper is sold as a separate item*
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Mag-Float Large

Mag-Float Large is a revolutionary cleaning device that takes the stress out of caring for an aquarium. No more sore hands and time-consuming cleaning techniques; enjoy ease and efficiency that it adds to your water care regimen! Maintaining a clear aquarium glass has never been simpler with MagFloat Large's revolutionary magnetic design and cleaning debris and algae is now effortless. The internal magnet firmly secures to the interior surface while its external piece tracks your movements to provide comprehensive and effective cleaning of all areas in need of attention. No matter your aquarium maintenance experience level, the Mag-Float Large will revolutionize your approach. Not only does it simplify cleaning procedures and maximize enjoyment of waterlife, but its practical design allows you to fully appreciate their beauty! Imagine the delight of sliding your Mag-Float Large across your aquarium glass and watching algae and debris fade before your very eyes, without needing slippery fingers or cumbersome equipment to do it! Not only is the cleaning tool convenient but its beauty also enhances the appeal of underwater environments. Make the product part of your aquarium maintenance routine to enhance water enjoyment, and feel its benefits right away! Experience ease, efficiency and pleasure that comes from maintaining an uncluttered aquatic paradise easily and enjoy witnessing how maintenance becomes enjoyable! Enhance your experience further by purchasing the Mag-Float Large for yourself; embark on an incredible aquatic life journey! It provides an effortless method for maintaining an aquarium glass surface, freeing you from sopping wet hands and heavy tools while simultaneously offering unparalleled ease of use. Its revolutionary magnetic cleaner is secure within your glass aquarium while its outer piece glides effortlessly away from it - leaving behind debris-free views with nothing but clear views below you. Experience maintenance that's effective, efficient and fun with Mag-Float Large; now waiting to add shine and beauty to your water life.
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