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Mag-Float Acrylic Large

Recommend aquariums with a maximum of the size of 125 gallons. Or with a surface that is that is greater than 3/8" product dimensions 2 3/4" 2 3/4" x 1 1/2" x 1" scrapper is sold as a separate item*
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Mag-Float Acrylic Large

Mag-Float Acrylic Large is an innovative cleaning tool developed specifically to maintain aquariums made of acrylic. This revolutionary product provides an effortless yet effective method for maintaining acrylic surfaces without the hassles associated with sopping hands or messy cleaning techniques. Bring clarity back into your aquarium acrylic tank with the Mag-Float Acrylic Large, an innovative magnetic system designed to transform cleaning. Its internal magnet securely fastens to the outside piece while its outer part moves with you for an efficient yet thorough experience in cleaning. If you're new to aquatic maintenance or an acrylic aquarium enthusiast, The Large will simplify your maintenance regimen and let you enjoy its beauties without the effort required by manually cleaning. Its convenient solution to clean acrylic surfaces lets you spend more time enjoying how stunningly beautiful your aquatic inhabitants are while eliminating cleaning time wasted on manual tasks. Imagine having the pleasure of using a Mag-Float Acrylic Large to effortlessly clear out debris and algae without using messy hands or unwieldy tools - not only will you enjoy this cleaning tool's convenience, but its overall appearance will add to the appeal of your underwater paradise. Add the Large to your routine of aquarium maintenance to enhance your aquatic experience and take an active step toward enriching it. Experience ease, efficiency and enjoyment as you effortlessly maintain a tidier and beautiful acrylic aquarium - discover a world where maintenance becomes enjoyable - witness how your acrylic aquarium transforms into an aesthetically stunning oasis with Magn-Float's Acrylic Large, making every experience more pleasurable along the journey of exquisite aquatic beauty!
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