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The Kamoer F1 Dosing Pump with bluetooth and WiFi capability offers precise and versatile liquid dosing for aquariums and laboratories, ensuring accuracy and ease of use. With its exceptional precision and user-friendly interface, it's perfect for maintaining ideal water conditions in aquariums or conducting precise tests in labs.
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Kamoer F1 Liquid Dosing Pump

Kamoer F1 Features:

  • Quiet Operation
  • Adjustable dosing volume with flow calibration function
  • Uses Kamoer Remote App, which supports iOS and Android
  • The battery backup feature retains the correct time if power is lost
  • Pharmed BPT long-life tubing (4mm OD x 2mm ID)
  • Multiple F1 Units can be daisy-chained together
  • Up to 24 dosing points per day with a custom dosing period
  • Dosing frequency, daily/ ever "X" days / specific days
  • Delay setting between multiple F1 prevents chemical interference
  • Monitors the amount of liquid remaining in dosing container
  • Firmware updates via App
  • Compact footprint (100 x 100 x 60mm) LxWxH

F1 Specifications:

Modes: Automatic or Manual Number of Dosing: 24 times/day - 1 time/99 days Dosing Accuracy: <+/-2% Fluid Volume Range: 0.1ml-9999ml Flow: <33ml/min Pump Life: >2000 hours

Inside the package:

  • F1 dosing pump
  • Graduated cylinder
  • Power adapter - Up to 4 - F1 Pumps
  • PVC Tubing:  ID*OD 3*5mm
Liquid dosing pumps like the Kamoer F1 liquid dosing pump provide precise liquid dosing solutions in laboratories, aquariums and scientific research environments - and are perfect for both professionals and enthusiasts. With its combination of precision, ease of use and adaptability it satisfies both professional needs as well as enthusiasts' requests. Kamoer F1 Dosing Pump The Kamoer F1 Dosing Pump represents the latest innovation in liquid dosing technology. Designed to make dosing simpler and ensure greater accuracy, this device should become an indispensable asset when maintaining aquarium environments or conducting precise tests in labs.


One of the best features of the Kamoer F1 is its remarkable accuracy. This tool enables users to apply liquids with exceptional precision even from a droplet, ensuring your aquaculture labs or equipment receive exactly the amount of additives required. Such precision is especially vital for those interested in aquariums who seek to maintain stable water parameters or conducting complex research requiring tight control requirements. It stands out from other pumps due to its user-friendliness, with an intuitive interface making setting up and operating simple even for those unfamiliar with dosing pumps. Dosing times, quantities and performance live updates can all be easily set up allowing you to focus more time and energy on enjoying hobbies or studies more fully.


Kamoer Dosing Pump's versatility makes it a stand-out feature. Capable of handling various liquids ranging from aquarium fertilizer and supplements to precise solutions used in laboratory tests, its versatility makes it a useful addition for both homes and professional environments alike.


Kamoer F1 stands out in both precision and ease of use; as well as long-term durability and endurance. With its solid construction, the F1 can withstand daily use while providing reliable long-term performance; an essential feature for those relying on precise dosages in their everyday activities. Are You an Aquarist Looking to Maintain Ideal Water Conditions, or Lab Professional Needing Precise Dosing Capabilities? The Kamoer F1 Liquid Dosing Pump Is Here! If so, The F1 Dosing Pump offers precise dosing capabilities with ease of use and flexibility to help achieve your goals easily and with confidence. Unlock the future of liquid dosing using The Kamoer F1 Pump and propel Your Aqua Systems or Experiments Forward To New Height of Accomplishment Kamoer Dosing Pump with Bluetooth and WiFi capability
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