JelliPlanktos – 5 – 300-micron Zooplankton for Planktivorous Scyphozoans (True Jellyfishes) SMALL for Blue Blubbers



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JelliPlanktos - 5 - 300-micron Zooplankton

JelliPlanktos 5-30 Micron Zooplankton Mix Is Specially Formulated for Planktivorous Scyphozoans (True Jellyfishes). Small in Size for Blue Blubbers." It supplies essential nutrients at particle sizes ranging from 5 microns up to 300 microns for proper development of planktivorous Scyphozoans like Blue Blubbers."
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JelliPlanktos - 5 - 300-micron Zooplankton

JelliPlanktos 5-300 micron Zooplankton to planktivorous Scyphozoans (True Jellyfishes) (JelliPlanktos 5-300 for Blue Blubbers long description:) are small enough to fit within Blue Blubbers long description. JelliPlanktos is an exclusive Zooplankton mix specifically formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of Scyphozoans and Blue Blubbers, mesmerizing jellyfish that feed on planktivorous microzooplankton such as JelliPlanktos. JelliPlanktos offers the perfect nutritional support solution. JelliPlanktos contains carefully chosen mixtures of zooplankton that ranges in sizes between 5 to 300 microns - ideal food sources for jellyfish living outside an aquarium environment and providing their nutrients that ensure maximum health, growth, and vitality in Blue Blubbers. JelliPlanktos' nutritional value lies in its variety. The blend includes many zooplankton species that provide a varied, well-rounded diet which reflects in their sources of food for jellyfish. Furthermore, particles are made specifically to cater to planktivorous Scyphozoans' preferences for eating so as to facilitate easier capture and consumption. JelliPlanktos can be easily utilized by adding the desired quantity to your tank as per its instructions, then watching Blue Blubbers consume this carefully crafted zooplankton mixture can be an engaging experience as they go about their feeding behavior and feeding cycle. JelliPlanktos stands as a testament to our dedication in caring for marine life in captivity. By creating a food source which mimics Scyphozoans with planktivorous diet, we aim to enhance the health and vitality of your jellyfish residents while creating an environment in which they flourish in captivity. JelliPlanktos provides Blue Blubbers with the nourishment they deserve by improving both short-term and long-term health in marine aquariums with planktivorous Scyphozoans.
250 ml /8.5 fl. oz., 500 ml / 17 fl. oz.
2 lbs
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