JelliPlanktos – 400 – 1,000-micron Zooplankton for Planktivorous Scyphozoans (True Jellyfishes) MEDIUM for Moon Jellies



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JelliPlanktos Zooplankton M

JelliPlanktos MEDIUM, a 400-1000 micron Zooplankton blend designed specifically to satisfy planktivorous Scyphozoans, can enhance their health. For vibrant Moon Jellies this nutrition provides excellent support.
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JelliPlanktos Zooplankton M

JelliPlanktos Zooplankton M is a special mix designed specifically to meet the nutritional requirements of planktivorous Scyphozoans such as Moon Jellies. True jellyfish thrive when fed a diet rich in microorganisms - this makes JelliPlanktos Medium the ideal choice to meet their dietary requirements. Moon Jellies (Aurelia aurita) are mesmerizing creatures to encounter in marine environments, feeding on planktonic organisms to sustain their health, growth and appearance. JelliPlanktos Medium offers an attractive mixture of 400 to 1000 micron zooplankton specially tailored to meet Moon Jellies' preferences in food consumption and feeding patterns. JelliPlanktos Medium is an exclusive blend of marine organisms designed to provide your Moon Jellies with essential amino acids and fatty acids as well as minerals and vitamins for maximum color, growth and overall well-being. Regular supplementation with JelliPlanktos Medium will promote increased color saturation, growth and overall well-being for them. JelliPlanktos MEDIC can easily be utilized by adding small pieces of Zooplankton into a Moon Jelly aquarium's water. Their small size allows the jellies to digest it efficiently, thus providing healthy nutrients they require. Regular feeding with JelliPlanktos Medium will increase digestion and metabolism within their bodies - supporting their natural behaviors and appearance while encouraging natural behaviors and appearances in Moon Jellys. Are You an Aquatist Looking For Moon Jellies Food Solutions? JelliPlanktos Medium provides a practical and balanced nutritional solution for feeding Moon Jellies. Give them what they need to thrive by giving them top-quality zooplankton from JelliPlanktos Medium; watch as your moon Jellies thrive as part of marine environments!
250 ml /8.5 fl. oz., 500 ml / 17 fl. oz.
2 lbs
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