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The MT-408L from Jbj aquariums is a complete glass fish tank that comes with filter and hood.
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JBJ 12G Nano Cube

The JBJ Aquarium 12G LED Nano Cube is the original all-in-one aquarium that makes reef-keeping simple. Each model comes with eight high-powered 1.3 Watt LEDs, two built-in cooling fans that help disperse excessive heat, brand-new efficient drivers, three stages of filtration, and return nozzles to provide directional flow output. A stand for the cabinet can be purchased. 12-gallon glass Cube provides a panoramic view with smooth, rounded corners. It is the perfect size to build a miniature-reef tank which requires a depth to allow proper stacking of rocks.

3-Stage Filtration built-in

The Nano-Cube filtration system permits better surface skimming as well as more space in the rear to accommodate bigger pumps for DIY users. The filtration compartment is concealed behind the tank and offers the most space for tank users. All models now come with an output return nozzle that can be used for direction-specific flow control.


It includes 8 high-powered 1.3 Watt LEDs. Combining 3-10K and 5-20K, the output of light is ideal for the growth of coral. Utilizing secondary and primary optics, and a mix of 20K and 10K LEDs provides an even spread and the best Kelvin for your marine life. It is fitted with a splash guard lens.

Cooled Fan "Flip-top" Canopy

The new canopy design offers (2) integrated 60x60mm cooling fans which provide the right CFM output to remove heat and are extremely quiet. The two fans are automatically turned on when the lights are turned on. The fans are protected by an additional splash guard to stop salt creep and corrosion. Our robust ABS canopy flips easily back and is able to be fixed in place for regular maintenance. The canopy's front has a door for feeding which flips to the back to allow quick access.

Modern & Elegant

The JBJ 12G LED Nano Cube is offered with an optional stand to display your aquarium as a focal point in any space. The stand has a storage area for additional accessories. A great aquarium to start with for office spaces, dens, or kitchens that have limited space. Sold separately.


12 Gallon Glass Cube Integrated 3 Stage Filtration Removable Transperent Filter Basket Return nozzle for directional flow output "Flip Top" Canopy with 2 built-in cooling fans 2 different lighting options: CF or LED (2) 24 watt CF lamps with a durable remote electronic ballast w/ disconnect cable 8 high powered 1.3 watt LEDs optimal for coral growth Dimensions: 15.8" X 13.8" X 14.8" Capacity: 12 gallons Optional cabinet stand: 27"x 5"x 15.5" Power: 48 total Watts Lift: 0.8 M Flow: 106 GPH Voltage: 110V 6 month manufacturer's warranty UL Listed - Meets the Most Stringent U.S. Safety Requirements CE Approved - Manufactured with the highest quality components for trouble free performance See more aquariums
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15.8 × 13.8 × 14.8 in
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Frequently Asked Questions
Is hiring a professional necessary to set up a saltwater aquarium?

As a general rule, a larger custom aquarium might require installation by a professional. However, a kit from our online fish store is relatively affordable and beginner friendly. That means you should have no problem setting it up yourself.

Which saltwater aquarium fish should you choose when starting out?

Consider a yellow tang fish. This popular saltwater aquarium fish does a great job of coexisting with other types of fish you’ll find in our online fish store.

How does a saltwater aquarium differ from a freshwater one?

Saltwater aquariums require a bit more maintenance and monitoring than freshwater tanks. Different fish require different levels of salinity, pH tolerances, and temperature requirements. They also require specialized pumps, filters, and other equipment that can handle salt. We can guide you through everything you need to know to set up a healthy, thriving reef tank.

Do fish in a saltwater aquarium swim in a school?

That depends on the species. However, if it’s a fish that swims in a school in the wild, they’ll do the same in an aquarium. Some fish that swim in schools include the green and blue chromis, cardinalfish, and dartfish, for example. When ordering from an online fish store, make sure you do your research on how specific fish species behave to ensure they’ll school (or at least coexist) with your current fish.

Is the effort required to maintain a saltwater aquarium worth it?

Yes! Many aquarists dream of owning thriving saltwater aquariums. You have a tiny piece of the ocean in your home, featuring magical and exotic fish that can only survive in saltwater.