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The Ice Cap Coral Feeder simplifies coral feeding for aquarium enthusiasts, dispensing nourishment in a controlled manner. With its easy-to-use design and soft rubber tip, it ensures optimal nutrition without wet hands or potential damage. This feeder promotes coral growth and vibrant color, providing a steady source of food for marine creatures.    
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IceCap Coral Feeder (19in) The Ice Cap Coral Feeder is a product designed for aquarium hobbyists to feed their coral and other marine creatures. Coral feeders are devices that dispense food to corals and other organisms in an aquarium, helping to maintain their health and vitality. The IceCap Coral Feeder is designed to be easy to use and is typically filled with coral food such as small marine organisms, plankton, or other types of prepared foods. The feeder dispenses the food in a controlled manner, ensuring that the corals receive the proper amount of nutrition. By using an IceCap Coral Feeder, aquarium hobbyists can provide their coral with a steady source of food, promoting growth and vibrant color. Ice Cap Coral Feeder lets you focus on feeding fish and corals without having your hands wet. Soft rubber tip prevents possible damage.    
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