Hydros Leak Sensor



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Safeguard your aquarium with the HYDROS Leak Detection Sensor. Place it strategically, configure alerts via the HYDROS app, and ensure rust-resistant longevity. Peace of mind for your aquatic haven
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Safeguard your aquarium with the HYDROS Leak Detection Sensor, a solid surface detector. Easily configurable through the HYDROS app, this sensor offers reliable protection against potential disasters. Connect multiple sensors to your HYDROS Controller, ensuring comprehensive coverage. Rust-resistant and sealed for durability, this sensor ensures long-lasting reliability. Stay in control with customizable alerts, light indications, and automated actions, providing peace of mind for your aquarium, home, or office.

Key Features:

  • Solid surface leak detection
  • Seamless integration with HYDROS Control devices
  • Configurable actions and alerts
  • Rust-resistant and durable design
  • Easy setup and control through HYDROS app
  • Multiple sensors for comprehensive coverage

Package Contents: 

  • 1 x HYDROS Leak Detection Sensor


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