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"The HYDROS Dosing Pump is an easy and cost-effective method to automate the adding of liquid supplements, trace elements and two-part solutions for an aquarium. The Dosing Pumps can be connected with any accessible HYDROS Control Drive Port for easy automation with the easy-to-use and simple but powerful configuration options of the HYDROS Application.

HYDROS Dosing Pump Features

  • Quiet operation
  • Do not reverse siphon
  • >2,000 hours pump life
  • Accuracy of +or+/- 2.2%
  • Includes HYDROS Drive Power Cable and 9.5ft of PVC tubing that is 3mm in diameter.
Important: Do not run multiple units off an outlet in case you plan to manage them in separate ways.

Pump Specifications

  • Average OutputA 43mL/min
  • Fluid Volume Range:A 1mL - 6,500mL
  • Accuracy:A +/-2%
  • Energy:A 12-volt power supply (You CAN make use of a normal 12-volt power source and then connect it with the Wireless Strip Outlet)
Needs HYDROS Control with an available Drive Port to function It is sold as a separate item"    
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1 lbs
8 × 4.5 × 6.75 in


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