HYDROS Control XP8 Energy Bar (Controller Only)



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Full HYDROS Controller with eight controllable AC power outlets each with individual power monitoring capabilities to safely manage aquarium equipment that is critical to the life of the system.  This is for the Controller only but HYDROS PRO packs are also available.  
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Note: CONTROL XP8 only - nothing other is provided.

This is the Ultimate Aquarium Power Strip for System Critical Equipment

The HYDROS Control XP8 The A model is an 8 outlet (120V AC) energy bar and controller hybrid designed specifically for equipment such as return pumps and heaters that are required for long-term aquarium maintenance. Each of the various controlled outlets is included in the HYDROS controller to offer the maximum security. Its Control XP8 includes a built-in 60W universal voltage Meanwell power supply, with 14 amps of maximum power and is built to fulfill ETL/UL certification. A Aside from the click to switch off and on the control outlets, the XP8 is also fully passively cooled. Furthermore, with its power circuits isolated it runs fully in silence. The finest thing is that each outlet have their own capabilities to monitor power. In addition to being a power strip that is built to be overbuilt The Control XP8 is also a fully-functioning system controller with HYDROS. of being able to take over Intelligent decisions made based on the state of other HYDROS devices within the A Collective. Two HYDROS Command Bus ports on the XP8 permit an electrical connection to the other HYDROS controller to create an entire Controls to form the most reliable fail-safe system.A Monitor and control the performance of your Control XP8 energy bar from any place in the world via the latest technology HYDROS cloud-based application. It is also able to monitor and control the Control XP8 also has the capability to control and monitor as many as eight HYDROS wireless devices.

Features like features or HYDROS Control XP8

  • Up as 14 amps system critical equipment for life support
  • The Control XP8 is a fully-fledged brain that is able to be shared and assume the decision-making process of the HYDROS Collective
  • You can control up to eight WiFi devices, including aquarium fish feeders and smart outlets and even more Wi-Fi power strip
  • Command Bus port provides power add redundancy power to yourA HYDROS Collective
  • Created to pass the ETL/UL Certification
  • Universal voltage is compatible in conjunction with 110A and 220V
  • Built-in 60W Meanwell Power Supply
  • No loud fan, the XP8 has been completely passively cool
  • Optic isolation from the power circuitry as well as the controlAcircuitry. This ensures safety and isolates the control circuitry in order to minimize the amount of noise.
  • Built, assembled, and maintained by the USA.

Control XP8 Specifications

Maxim Per Relay A 8A The Total Maximum Amperage A 14A

8 - Controllable Power Outlets

Eight adjustable AC power outlets, each with distinct power monitoring capabilities to manage safely aquarium equipment such as lighting, heaters and pumping water, skimmers for protein filters, and basically everything else.

2. Command Bus

The HYDROS Command Bus is used to provide power to the Control and also to interact with the other HYDROS devices to provide the ultimate in security.

More than 8 WiFi devices

Connect up to eight WiFi devices to allow for more flexible control of additional equipment such as lights, pumps feeders, and lights by adding a HyDROS WiFi Power StripA or a HyDROS Smart PlugA (both available separately).
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11 × 7.25 × 4.5 in


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