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The temperature of water is a crucial aspect in keeping the tank's inhabitants healthy. JBJ Glass thermometer floating is positioned to the inside of the aquarium using suction cups. A precise indicator of temperature in the tank and simple to read.
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The Aquarium Glass Thermometer + Suction Cup is easy to use and securely attaches to the inside of your aquarium by using the suction cup that comes with it. It precisely measures the temperature of water either in Celsius or Fahrenheit. The safety zone indicator lets to monitor the temperature which is ideal for the majority of tropical fish. Floating thermometer Suction cup Temp range 30-110F Safety zone indicator Celsius/Fahrenheit For fresh or saltwater

Why Thermometers are Important

Aquarium thermometers are a tiny but crucial item to have in your aquarium. While your tank might appear nice, an abrupt change in temperatures can cause harm to both plants and fish. Using a thermometer to monitor your water's temperature at different times and on different days can aid in identifying and fixing issues caused by temperature fluctuations. View all thermometers 
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