FlorinVolcanit – Rio Café-XF; Brown, 1-mm fired volcanic substrate for planted and FW shrimp biotope aquaria



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FlorinVolcanit- Rio Cafe-XF

FlorinVolcanit Rio Cafe XF Brown, 1-mm volcanic substrate is ideal for planted tanks as well as freshwater shrimp aquariums, providing aesthetic improvements while encouraging health, growth and plant development in both species. It will add visual interest while supporting health outcomes as well as plant development.
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FlorinVolcanit- Rio Cafe-XF

FlorinVolcanit Rio Cafe-XF is an outstanding substrate designed to improve both the look and performance of any aquarium or Freshwater Shrimp Biotope. Crafted from top-grade volcanic material, this 1mm brown substrate combines natural beauty with practical advantages for optimal results. It provides aquariums with planted aquatic life a rich and nutritous foundation that supports their aquatic plants. With its porous structure allowing root penetration for anchorage and nutrient absorption. Plus its striking dark brown hue makes a striking visual statement while adding character and beauty to your waterscape. FlorinVolcanit - Rio Cafe-XF provides freshwater shrimp biotopes and aquariums with the ideal environment for their species, simulating their natural environment while still allowing for foraging and normal behavior. With fine 1 millimeter granules that facilitate foraging by shrimp species, this material also contributes to maintaining water quality by encouraging beneficial colonization by bacteria species. FlorinVolcanit- Rio Cafe-XF: its key features. - Premium volcanic substrate. Brown hue is highly recommended to enhance aesthetic beauty. 1mm granule size is ideal for growing plants and shrimp habitats. - Porous structure that promotes optimal root growth and nutrients absorption. Promotes colonization with beneficial bacteria. Ideal for planted tanks and freshwater shrimp biotopes. It can help you design an eye-catching plant-based aquarium or shrimp biotope with Rio Cafe-XF as the flexible, highly performing substrate. Not only will you enhance the appearance of your water while improving health and vitality for both shrimp and plants, but you'll also discover all its unique advantages - an exceptional blend of design, function, and the natural beauty of volcanic material!
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