FlorinVolcanit – Rio Café-M; Brown, 5-mm fired volcanic substrate for planted and FW shrimp biotope aquaria



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FlorinVolcanit - Rio Café-M

FlorinVolcanit Rio Cafe-M is an ideal 5-mm volcanic substrate that can be fired for lush planted tanks as well as freshwater shrimp biotope aquariums to enhance aesthetics while supporting healthy shrimp and plant growth.
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FlorinVolcanit - Rio Café-M

FlorinVolcanit Rio Cafe-M is an outstanding substrate designed to improve both the aesthetic and health of any fish tank or shrimp biotope. Boasting a deep brown hue with optimal dimensions of five millimeters, this volcanic substrate not only makes for an eye-catching visual backdrop but offers many advantages for aquatic environments. FlorinVolcanit - Rio Cafe-M is made of volcanic rocks and offers a captivating combination of beauty and functionality. The 5mm grain size strikes an optimal balance between allowing roots of aquatic plants to penetrate while keeping debris at bay - encouraging an impressive variety of plant life to flourish and creating an eye-catching aquarium environment. Rio Cafe-M is designed not only to be plant-friendly, but also supports the health of freshwater fish. Shrimp lovers will particularly appreciate its texture that mimics natural habitat and provides the ideal surface for exploring and feeding on shrimp. Furthermore, its brown hue adds naturalistic touches while providing the ideal backdrop for your aquatic creatures. FlorinVolcanit Rio Cafe-M is manufactured to produce an eco-friendly substrate without contaminants that is safe for aquatic ecosystems. This substrate won't change the chemistry of water, providing a healthy environment for shrimp and plants alike. Furthermore, its composition encourages beneficial bacteria colonies which contribute to an optimally healthy aquarium ecosystem. FlorinVolcanit Rio Cafe-M is the ideal substrate to add style and function to your aquarium, creating an ecosystem where plants thrive as well as freshwater shrimp thrive. Enhance its look while creating an exciting ecosystem by choosing this stunning volcanic substrate!
15 lbs. (~7.9 L), 23 lbs. (~12.5 L), 5 lbs. (~2.6 L)
9 lbs
14 × 2 × 5 in
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