Flipper MAX Float Magnet Cleaner



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Scrubber and Scraper in-one! Made with the strongest rare earth magnets optimized for glass and acrylic aquariums up to 1in³ (25mm) in thickness. Now FLOATS to the top of your aquarium if the cleaner ever becomes detached for even easier retrieval.      
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Scrape, Flip, Scrape, and then ""FLOAT"" using Flipper Aquarium Cleaner. Flipper Aquarium Cleaner

Flipper MAX Cleaner has the capacity to be the most flexible cleaner for magnets in aquariums that can be used to huge Glass as well as Acrylic tanks. The unique design of the product allows it to flip within the tank by simply turning the handle that is on the top! Then it will be able to flip over towards the top of your aquarium in case the cleaner ever gets removed for easier retrieval. With a large, soft clean pad to one side to help with daily maintenance, and a flip to an stainless steel knife on the other side to remove hard algae, it's everything you need in order to ensure that your glass is sparkling without having to reach into the tank! A distinctive gap that permits the Flipper to scrape along on the sand bed , without the sand from being trapped. Fl!pper MAX is constructed using the most powerful rare earth magnets that are designed for saltwater or freshwater aquariums that are up to 1 inch (25mm) of thickness, and no less than 5/8 inch (15mm). Each Flipper max includes an stainless steel blade that can be used on glass tanks only. It also comes with an ABS blade to be used with acrylic tanks. It's the only Magnetic Aquarium Cleaner that can do everything! Available Sizes: nano LG, and Max.A
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