Digi-temp (Battery Included) External Thermometer



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Monitoring the temperature of your aquarium is never easier. provides a continuous digital display that has +1 F accuracy. Battery included.
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Digi-temp (Battery Included) External Thermometer Round-the-clock temperature display Mounting suction cups and battery included; long temperature probe cord Amazingly compact and lightweight

Digital Thermometer

The Digi-temp (Battery Included) External Thermometer is composed of two distinct components: 1. Sensor probe - It sits underwater in your fish tank and is able to monitor the temperature. The probe is able to be moved to any place inside the tank. 2. Digital display remains out of the water and displays the temperature of your tank. It also contains a battery. The reason behind this split design is Water and electricity aren't compatible. If you keep the probe and display in separate locations the essential electrical parts aren't soaked. If you're looking for an instrument that doesn't stay in your aquarium for long periods of time then this is the ideal option. Simply attach the probe to the tank as required to monitor the temperature, and remove it after you're finished. The probe is separate and is connected to it by a wire cord. This permits you to place the probe permanently inside your tank while the meter rests on the outside and displays the temperature of the tank. Benefits:
  • Reliable
  • Sturdy
  • Easy-to-read
  • It won't take up too much of the aquarium space.
  • The probe is easily moved to any area within the aquarium

Why Thermometers are Important

Aquarium thermometers are a tiny but crucial item to have in your aquarium. While your tank might appear nice, an abrupt change in temperatures can cause harm to both plants and fish. Using a thermometer to monitor your water's temperature at different times and on different days can aid in identifying and fixing issues caused by temperature fluctuations. View all thermometers 
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