1/5 JBJ Chiller HP Arctica -115V



BJ Arctica 1/5 HP Titanium Aquarium Chiller DBA-150. Arctica Titanium Aquarium Chillers are the most advanced aquarium coolers that incorporate the most advanced technology features in comparison to any other chiller available on the market. A long time of development and research has led us to develop the best solution for stabilizing the temperature of your aquarium's water setting. The units are made to achieve the highest temperatures pull down (BTU`s) with the lowest amount of energy consumption.
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Advance Features

The 1/5 JBJ Chiller HP Arctica -115V part of the Arctica Titanium Aquarium Chillers is a state-of-the-art aquarium cooler incorporating the most advanced technological features compared to any other chiller on the market. Many years of research and development have allowed us to offer the perfect solution to stabilize water temperatures for your aquarium environment. These units have been designed for maximum temperature pull-downs (BTUs) with the least amount of energy draw.

Titanium Heat Exchanger:

The unique titanium coil design allows for maximum contact exposure. The absolute best element for heat exchange on the market.

Condenser Layout:

The condenser is located on the front side of the chiller. This design draws cool air from the front and exhausts the warm air out of the back. This new standard will also direct access to clean the condenser grill without any tools to take the chiller apart.

Energy Efficiency:

Provide the best BTU (British Thermal Units) heat removal capacity with the lowest amperage draw. More electricity savings.

Full Auto Digital Temperature Control System:

This built-in thermostat will automatically control your desired set temperature within +1/-1 Fahrenheit. Includes a bright light LCD that can actually be read day or night.

Lowest Noise and Vibration Level:

You will be amazed at how quiet these units are for chillers. Definitely a big plus for hobbyists who have aquariums located in living rooms.

Small Footprint:

Most of the models are no bigger than a standard desktop computer. This compact size allows placement without a large designated area.

Side Handles:

ABS Molded handles allow for easy lifting and moving.


Uses Ozone Friendly Refrigerant (R-134A)

1/5 JBJ Chiller HP Arctica -115V Specifications:

  • UL Listed
  •  Recommended aquarium size: up to 180 gal.
  • BTU: 2,400 BTU/h
  • Amps: 5
  • Dimensions (WxDxH) : 9.8" x 16.5" x 20.9"
  • Flow Rate: 480 - 1320 gph
  • Control Range: 50 - 95 F.

More Information

1/5 JBJ Chiller HP Arctica -115V is specifically designed to reduce the temperature of water while keeping it from getting into contact with any harmful materials. Each unit comes equipped with temperature sensors that monitor the temperature of your aquarium and alter it to your desired level. If a chiller is required to cool an aquarium, it must be included in the aquarium system as soon as it is feasible. Chillers that are used for cooling aquarium water must be located in an area that is ventilated enough and should be placed away from the aquarium is cooling. Alternatively, the chiller is able to heat the water you wish to cool down as it releases heat. When properly coupled with the appropriate water pump water chillers in line have flexible configuration options that allow users to position the device in a different location from the tank, which will help reduce the heat produced. View more chillers
46 lbs
20 × 13 × 21 in
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