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IceCap AIO 120 Aquarium Protein Skimmer helps improve water quality by efficiently extracting protein, making aquarium maintenance effortless.
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IceCap AIO 120 All-in-One Aquarium Protein Skimmer: Effortless Protein Removal Specifications:
  • Distinctive Features: Square Body, Adjustable Height Hanging Bracket, Solid Construction
  • Maintenance: Easy-to-lift Off Collection Cup, Disassembles for Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Bubble Dispersant: Efficient Bubble Dispersant Chamber
  • Output Flow: Novel Output Flow Design
  • Pump Information: DCAIR-200 DC Pinwheel Pump
    • Power Consumption: 5 watts
    • PSU Model: 1205
    • Output: 12V / 0.5A
    • Air Draw: 100lph / 3.5SCFH*
    • Water Draw: ~26gph
Maintaining optimal water quality in an aquarium is crucial for fish health. The IceCap AIO 120 All-In-One Aquarium Protein Skimmer offers an efficient solution for protein removal that's both simple and affordable. Let's explore its essential features and benefits: Advanced Protein Skimming Technology:
  • Designed to filter organic compounds like proteins effectively, preventing harmful chemical accumulation and improving water quality.
Space-Saving All-In-One Design:
  • Features a compact design for easy integration into any aquarium, reducing maintenance needs while preserving aesthetic appeal.
Efficient and Silent Operation:
  • Provides maximum air-to-water contact for efficient protein removal without causing disturbance to aquatic life.
Adjustable Performance:
  • Offers flexibility with adjustable water level control and variable performance settings to suit various tank requirements.
Ease of Maintenance:
  • Designed for user convenience, with a quick-release collection cup for effortless cleaning and maintenance without interrupting skimmer functionality.
The IceCap AIO 120 Aquarium Protein Skimmer All-In-One is an essential investment for aquarists seeking easy protein removal. With modern technology, space-saving design, quiet operation, and versatility, it ensures optimal water quality and improved fish habitat. Enhance your aquarium ecosystem today!
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