Balling Trace 1 Color & Grow 500 ml



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This formula contains a carefully balanced blend of trace elements, including iron, manganese, and zinc, which are essential for the healthy growth and development of your aquatic pets.
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You can achieve amazing color and growth by using the fauna marin balling 1 Balling Solution By adding Trace 1 - Color and Growth in The Fauna Marin Balling salt mixes (sold separately) makes a complete and comprehensive maintenance system for a reef aquarium, and helps prevent the common "Old Tank Syndrome." Balling Trace 1 Color & Grow 500 ml helps to promote strong growth, vibrant coloration, and overall health in your marine aquarium pets. It provides the essential nutrients needed to support the biological processes of your aquatic pets, ensuring they can thrive in their aquarium environment. This supplement is easy to use and can be added directly to your aquarium water. The product comes with a dosing cap for precise measurement and easy application. The formula is quickly and easily absorbed by your aquatic pets, ensuring that they receive the essential nutrients they need to support their growth and coloration. Balling Trace 1 Color & Grow 500 ml is manufactured to the highest standards of quality, using only the finest ingredients. It is free from any harmful additives or chemicals and is safe for use in all marine aquariums. If you want to enhance the growth and coloration of your marine aquarium pets, Balling Trace 1 Color & Grow 500 ml is the perfect choice. It is a reliable and effective supplement that can help promote the long-term health and vitality of your aquatic pets, while ensuring they look their best. Check the Fauna marin balling 1 Light Set (sold separately) label for mixing directions. Ingredients: Potassium, Strontium, Boron, Selenium, Rubidium, Vanadium, Flourine. Based on organic and inorganic substances. Safety Note: The product is designed for use in aquariums only. Keep away from children. Don't swallow. It is not suitable for human consumption, nor for food preparation for pets. If the solution is absorbed into eyes, wash them with water for a few minutes. Get rid of contact lenses if there are and simple to do. Continue rinsing.
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