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The Apex is a modular system that allows you to connect many modules together in either a œdaisy-chain or star topology method. Use this cable to extend a M/M Aquabus Cable. Remember, although this is a USB type cable, the Apex does not have a USB interface.  NEVER plug it into any computer or other USB device or it will very likely cause severe damage to your Apex or the device you connect.
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Neptune Aquabus Extension Cable are ideal for adding length to your existing Aquabus Cable if you require it. The extension cords have a male end that plugs into any Apex module and a female end that connects to an existing Aquabus cable on one end. Standard Aquabus cables are created up to 30 feet long, however in rare circumstances a longer reach may be required, which is where these extension cables come in handy. There are two lengths of Neptune Aquabus  Cable available: 15 feet 30 feet AquaBus Cables are USB-type cables, although Apex Systems lacks a USB interface. DO NOT PLUG INTO ANY COMPUTER OR OTHER USB DEVICE - significant damage to your Apex or the device you are using may result.
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