Lifegard Aquatics | 3/4″ FIT Low Profile Strainer (R441011)



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The 3/4" MPT low-profile strainer filters debris in piping systems with a male threaded end for easy installation. Its basket-shaped strainer captures particles, commonly used in irrigation and industrial processes for equipment protection.    
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Lifegard Aquatics | 3/4" FIT Low Profile Strainer (R441011)

A 3/4" MPT (male pipe thread) low profile strainer is a plumbing fitting used to filter out debris from a liquid flow in a piping system. It has a male threaded end that fits into a female threaded pipe and a basket-shaped strainer element inside to capture any solid particles. The low profile design allows for installation in tight spaces. This type of strainer is commonly used in applications such as irrigation, industrial processing, and plumbing systems to protect equipment from damage caused by debris in the flow.    
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