About Saltwater Pumps

Fish need healthy water circulation just as humans need healthy air circulation. That’s why it’s so important to have the right saltwater aquarium pump. These essential components ensure that your fish receive the nutrients and oxygen necessary to remain healthy. While small aquariums don’t always require them, these pumps are essential for larger tanks.

There are different types of pumps (namely submersible and inline pumps), but the features are what’s most important:

  • Size: Not every saltwater pump will fit inside every aquarium. If you’re purchasing a submersible pump, it’s especially important to take the dimensions of your tank and ensure that the pump will actually fit. You’ll also need to consider what’s already inside the tank. Even if you have the physical dimensions available, a large pump might not fit in a crowded tank.
  • Flow rate: Different pumps have different flow rates. Saltwater fish typically require a higher flow rate than freshwater fish, so make sure to read up on the requirements for your type of fish.
  • Filter type: You have to choose a saltwater aquarium pump that’s compatible with your filter, whether it’s a box filter, canister filter, or any other type. Note the type of filter you have, or choose a filter based on the aquarium manufacturer’s recommendations. Then choose a pump that works with that filter.
  • Special requirements: The purpose of saltwater pumps is, first and foremost, to pump water. But there are also specialty pumps that do other things. If you need a pump that handles advanced filtration, sterilization, or water chilling, for instance, you’ll need to shop accordingly.

Compliment your saltwater pumps with other flow products like wavemakers, which simulate waves and internal flow in your aquarium. You can also help keep your reef aerated with air pumps, which both circulate your water and add much-needed oxygen. If you just need simple circulation, you can set up one of our powerheads at the bottom of your tank.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a saltwater aquarium pump with the correct flow rate?

One rule of thumb is to find a pump that can deliver at least 5 to 10 times the tank’s total water volume per hour.

Should my aquarium pump run 24/7?

Yes. While it’s safe to occasionally turn off or remove the pump for cleaning or maintenance, the pump in general should remain on at all times to keep oxygen circulating.

Should I get an inline or submersible saltwater pump?

Submersible pumps are generally suitable for small household aquariums and some of the smallest commercial aquariums. For larger setups, you’ll typically need an inline pump.

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