Xport-BIO FRESHWATER – 2.0″ Grooved Blocks; Biological Filtration Media, 6 PK



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Enhance the health of your freshwater aquarium with The Xport Bio FRESHWATER 2.0" Grooved Blocks. This 6-pack of biologically-specific filter media optimizes beneficial bacteria growth for cleaner, healthier water.
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Add energy and vitality to your freshwater tank with the Xport-BIO Freshwater 2.0" Grooved Blocks Pack of six Bio-filtration media. Conceived as an effective means for maintaining water quality in freshwater systems, these grooved blocks offer numerous advantages that contribute to maintaining aquatic equilibrium and ecosystem health. Biological filtration is key for an aquarium ecosystem to flourish, helping break down harmful waste materials and toxins that build up in its waters. Xport-BIO Freshwater 2.0" grooved Blocks offer an ideal foundation to foster beneficial nitrifying and de-nitrifying bacteria, which play a crucial role in turning ammonia/Nitrite to more harmless Nitrate, then dissolving into nitrogen gas before dissipating into harmless air emissions. The unique grooved block design offers an extensive surface area for bacteria colonization, increasing bacterial populations that are capable of clearing away organic waste while preserving water quality. When these bacteria colonize with media they form biofilm which effectively removes ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate from your water column resulting in healthier surroundings for its inhabitants. Utilizing Xport Bio Freshwater 2.0" Grooving Blocks are simple to use; just place them into an aquarium's filter system (sumps) or sump and they will create an ideal and stable environment for bacteria growth. Regular maintenance - like washing the blocks with aquarium water in order to remove debris - will ensure their long-term efficiency and ensure you will have optimal performance from them. No matter if you are an established aquarist or just beginning your journey, ensuring the quality of water for the wellbeing of aquatic inhabitants is of utmost importance. The Xport-BIO Freshwater 2.0" grooved Blocks are an efficient way of creating an optimal biological filtration system in an aquarium that contains fresh water by creating an ideal environment for bacteria growth; in doing so they help lower ammonia, nitrite and Nitrate levels which in turn leads to cleaner, healthier waters with happy fish! Enhance the performance of your freshwater aquarium's filter system with the Xport-BIO FRESHWATER 2.0" Grotted Blocks from Xport-BIO FRESHWATER, investing your money for long-term health benefits of having an attractive aquatic environment.
6 PK
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6 × 3 × 2.5 in
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Frequently Asked Questions
Is hiring a professional necessary to set up a saltwater aquarium?

As a general rule, a larger custom aquarium might require installation by a professional. However, a kit from our online fish store is relatively affordable and beginner friendly. That means you should have no problem setting it up yourself.

Which saltwater aquarium fish should you choose when starting out?

Consider a yellow tang fish. This popular saltwater aquarium fish does a great job of coexisting with other types of fish you’ll find in our online fish store.

How does a saltwater aquarium differ from a freshwater one?

Saltwater aquariums require a bit more maintenance and monitoring than freshwater tanks. Different fish require different levels of salinity, pH tolerances, and temperature requirements. They also require specialized pumps, filters, and other equipment that can handle salt. We can guide you through everything you need to know to set up a healthy, thriving reef tank.

Do fish in a saltwater aquarium swim in a school?

That depends on the species. However, if it’s a fish that swims in a school in the wild, they’ll do the same in an aquarium. Some fish that swim in schools include the green and blue chromis, cardinalfish, and dartfish, for example. When ordering from an online fish store, make sure you do your research on how specific fish species behave to ensure they’ll school (or at least coexist) with your current fish.

Is the effort required to maintain a saltwater aquarium worth it?

Yes! Many aquarists dream of owning thriving saltwater aquariums. You have a tiny piece of the ocean in your home, featuring magical and exotic fish that can only survive in saltwater.