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Vita-Chem: The ultimate marine nutrition boost. Enhance growth, disease resistance, and vibrant colors for thriving marine life. Elevate your aquarium health today!
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Vita-Chem revolutionizes marine nutrition with its exclusive blend of stabilized multi-vitamins and lipids, designed to target nutritional deficiencies in both marine fish and invertebrates. This versatile supplement serves as a vital source of vitamins and natural lipids, making it an ideal food-soak companion for frozen, freeze-dried, and pelletized foods, enriching these sources with essential nutrition.

Key Features:

Increased Growth: Vita-Chem promotes accelerated growth in marine organisms. Enhanced Disease Resistance: Boost the overall immunity of marine life, reducing vulnerability to diseases. Versatility: Ideal for Reef Aquariums, Corals, Filter Feeders, and Breeders. Omega-3 Enhancement: The inclusion of omega-3 offers additional health benefits. Fin Regeneration Support: Aids in the rapid regeneration of fins. Vibrant Colors: Unleash fabulous, intense, and natural colors in marine organisms. Marine fish, with their specialized nutritional requirements, often face deficiencies with a standard diet. While a varied diet is essential, supplementing it with a high-quality nutritional additive like Vita-Chem proves equally, if not more, beneficial. Vita-Chem precisely delivers what marine fish lack in their regular prepared diets, in a concentrated and readily absorbable form. The consistent use of Vita-Chem showcases noticeable effects such as enhanced, more vibrant coloration and an overall healthier appearance in marine life.

Usage Directions:

  1. Shake Well: Ensure the supplement is well-mixed before use.
  2. Food Soak (Preferred): Add several drops to soak fish food before daily feedings.
  3. Direct Dosing: Add 1 drop per gallon directly into the display aquarium.

Storage Instructions:

Store Vita-Chem in a cool, dry place or refrigerate to maintain its efficacy.

Elevate marine health and vibrancy with Vita-Chem, a nutritional powerhouse tailored for the unique needs of your aquatic companions.


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