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AN-04 Dennerle Aqua Scaping Straight Pinsette These sturdy stainless steel pinsettes are ideal for planting densely when you're setting the aquarium. They can hold delicate plants and do not harm the plants. The ridged surface permits an easy grip, and the tweezers feature an ergonomic pressure point that allows for ease of use.
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This professional scaper's straight pinsette is rust-resistant thanks to its stainless steel construction. Ideal for dense planting when setting up your aquarium. They grip even delicate plants without damaging them. A ridged surface provides a no-slip grip. Length: 10.6"  

Information about Straight Pinsette

These tweezers are for planting. They are great for installing aquarium plants into the substrate. Because of the convenient design, these tweezers are simple to use and won't let your hands get tired even after doing the layout of your aquarium for an extended period of duration. Particularly worth noticing is the flat surface that can be used to help support fingers and make working more comfortable pace. When setting up a brand new aquascape or plant aquarium using tweezers is recommended because it ensures the secure and long-lasting placement of delicate plants like the stem and ground cover plants in the aquarium. The riffles on the tips of the tweezers ensure that the grip of the plant is secure, which makes the insertion simpler. Because of its shape and the slim appearance of the tweezers, it's possible to put these plants within tight spaces as well as between stones or roots.
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