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Copper can be found in tap water as well as in salt mixtures. If the concentration of copper is more significant than 0.03 ppm, it will be identified. In treating fish, having a consistent and precise copper level is the primary element to success. This test can assist you in this. Test range 0.05 - 2 ppm copper.
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Salifert Copper Profi-Test Kit

The Salifert Copper Profi-Test Kit is perfect for measuring copper levels within your aquarium. This mineral is an essential element for aquatic plants and fish, as it promotes photosynthesis and prevents anemia. It also helps maintain a healthy environment for these organisms, so it’s important to monitor copper levels often in your aquarium. The test kit is very sensitive and detects the smallest amounts of copper, making it the ideal way to test your water. It is compatible with both freshwater and marine aquariums, and it contains enough reagents for 50 tests. It’s very easy to use and provides accurate results quickly, without interference from other elements in the water. Its bright, contrasting color changes help you easily read your results so you can make the necessary adjustments to keep your tank and inhabitants healthy. This Copper Profi-Test kit is ideal for monitoring copper levels in your saltwater aquarium. It is a common treatment for many parasites and can cause toxic effects on marine fish and invertebrates, so it’s important to test regularly and keep levels low. To measure the copper concentration in the test vial, add 2 ml of water into the test vial and add 5 drops of the Cu reagent. Swirl gently for 5 seconds. Then wait for 10 minutes to allow the reagent to dissolve. Some copper medications might use strongly bound copper, requiring a longer waiting time. In case of doubt, compare the value after 10 and 20 minutes and note the highest one. Using this copper test kit is extremely easy. The test kit comes with a syringe and test tube, and you only need to add a few drops of the reagent to the test tube. The color chart will then match the color of the reagent and you can see a change in the copper concentration. This copper test kit is ideal for testing dissolved and barely dissolved copper with a pH of 7.5-9. It lasts for several copper cures or provides a sufficient reagent for up to 50 tests on tap or aquarium water as a routine check. It is suitable for marine, fresh, or garden pond water and can be used in conjunction with other Salifert Profi Test kits. The Salifert Profi-Test kits are some of the most accurate on the market and have been trusted by discerning reefers for decades. They feature some of the easiest-to-read results available for each testing method and are affordable alternatives to professional lab test kits.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Is hiring a professional necessary to set up a saltwater aquarium?

As a general rule, a larger custom aquarium might require installation by a professional. However, a kit from our online fish store is relatively affordable and beginner friendly. That means you should have no problem setting it up yourself.

Which saltwater aquarium fish should you choose when starting out?

Consider a yellow tang fish. This popular saltwater aquarium fish does a great job of coexisting with other types of fish you’ll find in our online fish store.

How does a saltwater aquarium differ from a freshwater one?

Saltwater aquariums require a bit more maintenance and monitoring than freshwater tanks. Different fish require different levels of salinity, pH tolerances, and temperature requirements. They also require specialized pumps, filters, and other equipment that can handle salt. We can guide you through everything you need to know to set up a healthy, thriving reef tank.

Do fish in a saltwater aquarium swim in a school?

That depends on the species. However, if it’s a fish that swims in a school in the wild, they’ll do the same in an aquarium. Some fish that swim in schools include the green and blue chromis, cardinalfish, and dartfish, for example. When ordering from an online fish store, make sure you do your research on how specific fish species behave to ensure they’ll school (or at least coexist) with your current fish.

Is the effort required to maintain a saltwater aquarium worth it?

Yes! Many aquarists dream of owning thriving saltwater aquariums. You have a tiny piece of the ocean in your home, featuring magical and exotic fish that can only survive in saltwater.