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RL-FMC JBJ Rimless Desktop Replacement Filter Media Cartridge (2 pack) JBJ is now offering filters that can be replaced for the Rimless Desktop aquarium. The cartridges are compatible with the RL-6-CP and RL-8-FP as well as the RL-10-FP and the RL-10-FPP. The cartridge has enough filter media to accommodate four different changes. It is made up of fine sponge, large sponge and activated carbon, and ceramic rings inside the form of a plastic cartridge.
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Each of these two Filter Media Replacement Cartridges includes the actual physical plastic cartridge as well as (1) filter floss, (1) ceramic rings pack, (1) activated carbon pack, and (1) mechanical sponge. Fits the 6 Gallon Rimless Desktop (RL-6-CP), 8 Gallon Rimless Desktop (RL-8-FP), and both 10 Gallon Rimless Desktop Aquariums (RL-10-FP and RL-10-FPP). The activated carbon, filter floss, and mechanical sponge should be replaced every month. View more biofilter replacements
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