Reefer XL425 G2+ Deluxe System – Black (incl. 2 x RL 160 & Mount arms)



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A cutting-edge aquarium system with two RL 160 lights and mount arms is the Reefer XL425 G2+ Deluxe System in Black. It is intended for professionals and serious hobbyists who want strong illumination, cutting-edge filtration, and simple controls. The Reefer XL425 G2+ Deluxe System is a high-end option for any aquarium setup because to its sleek black look and top-notch components.
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Red Sea Reefer 425 G2+ Deluxe System - Black (incl. 2 x RL 160 & Mount arms)

Red Sea Reefer 425 G2+ Deluxe System in Black is an advanced and high-performance aquarium system, created for serious hobbyists and professionals. Equipped with two RL 160 lights that deliver powerful illumination for your aquarium environment. Reefer XL425 G2+ Deluxe System comes complete with an innovative filtering system consisting of a sump equipped with a protein skimmer, filter socks, and media bags to efficiently perform both mechanical and biological filtration for better water quality. With such an exceptional water purifying solution at hand, this system makes maintaining healthy aquatic environments effortless! Reefer XL425 G2+ Deluxe System also comes equipped with an advanced control system to easily monitor and regulate various aspects of your aquarium such as temperature, lighting, and water flow. You can manage both from anywhere around the world via a mobile app. This system was specifically created to be user-friendly. Complete with detailed instructions and all of the essential hardware components needed for setup, it makes setting up your aquarium an effortless process. Reefer XL425 G2+ Deluxe System's sleek black design adds an air of elegance to any aquarium environment, complementing any decor style or aesthetic. Boasting high-grade construction, advanced features, and powerful lighting capabilities - it makes an impressive centerpiece choice. Reefer XL425 G2+ Deluxe System in Black is an exceptional choice for anyone seeking a high-performance and reliable aquarium system. Boasting powerful lighting, advanced filtration capabilities, and an easy control system - its outstanding capabilities will enhance any setup with style! Specifications
  • Display Tank Dimensions - 47"L x 22"H x 23.6"W
  • Display Tank Volume - 91 Gallons
  • Total System Height - 56"
  • Total System Volume - 115 Gallons
  • Sump Volume - 24 Gallons
  • Front Glass Thickness - 1/2"
  • Side Glass Thickness - 5/8"
  • Bottom Glass Thickness - 1/2"
  • Included Lighting - 2x ReefLED 160s + mounting arms
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