Reefer-S 850 G2+ Deluxe System – Black (3 X RL 160 & Mount arms) | Red Sea



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Enhance your reef-keeping experience with the Reefer-S 850 G2+ Deluxe System from Reefer-S. Equipped with three RL 160 LEDs and mounting arms, this black Reefer-S 850 G2+ Deluxe System will allow for unmatched coral growth as well as stunning waters - so take your reef to new heights today.
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Redsea Reefer S 850 G2+ Deluxe System - Black (3 X RL 160 & Mount arms) | Red Sea

Redsea Reefer-S 850 G2+ Deluxe System comes complete with its eye-catching black finish to revolutionize what it means to be a reef keeper. Not only will you gain access to a Reefer-S 85 G2+ aquarium but also three RL 160 LEDs mounted with specially designed mount arms; prepare yourself for an incredible journey that seamlessly merges modern technology, sophisticated designs and stunning marine life! Reefer-S 85 G2+ aquarium stands as the centerpiece of this luxurious system, as an impressive example of innovation and sophistication. Boasting spacious dimensions, precise engineering, elegant black exterior and captivating conversations about aquatic life; its stylish dimensions will become a stunning focal point in your living space, sparking conversation while inspiring admiration and discussion among family and guests alike. Furthermore, its cleverly designed layout maximizes water flow, filtration and maintenance requirements to produce an aesthetically pleasing aquatic space which is easy to care for while looking fantastic. At the center of this luxurious package are three RL 160 lights renowned for their unmatched quality and versatility, alongside arm mounts that enable you to create the ideal lighting setup for your particular collection of corals. Explore a spectrum of vibrant hues that showcases their remarkable beauty while stimulating growth at full throttle. RL 160 lights offer power and precision needed to recreate an environment evocative of deep ocean environments. Reefer-S 850 G2+ Deluxe System goes beyond being functional; it provides an immersive and exciting experience, and celebrates the intersection between modern technology and natural elements. Control and adjust lighting of aquarium easily to simulate natural dawn-to-dusk patterns that replicate sunlight exactly for healthful marine residents, including corals that range from serene turquoise blues found in shallow lakes to fiery red hues seen on active reefs. This level of control makes creating stunning visual displays easy: from serene turquoise blue hues found in shallow lakes up to fiery red hues found in vibrant reefs! No matter your experience level in coral keeping or reefkeeping, the Reefer-S850 G2+ Premium System in black offers you an amazing opportunity to create an underwater paradise. Step inside an imaginative realm where beauty, precision, environmental stewardship and marine life thrive harmoniously together. Expand your dreams of reefkeeping with the Reefer-S 850 G2+ Deluxe System which features each element meticulously designed to inspire, enthrall and excite!
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