Reefer-S 700+ G2 Deluxe System – White (2 X RL 160 & Mount arms)



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Reefer-S 700+ G2

Enhance your reef-keeping experience with Reefer-S 700+ G2 Deluxe System's white design. Boasting two RL 160 lighting modules and two mount arms, you can achieve unrivalled coral growth and brilliance easily - take your reef to new heights now.
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Reefer-S 700+ G2 Deluxe System in stunning white offers the latest reef-keeping experience with innovative technology, exquisite design and the natural marine world all coming together seamlessly. This comprehensive system is carefully engineered to reimagine how reefs should be maintained. Not only does the system include the Reefer-S 700+ G2 marine aquarium itself but it also comes complete with two RL 160 LEDs equipped with mount arms designed specifically for them; prepare yourself for an experience that seamlessly blends cutting-edge tech, elegant design and marine life all together seamlessly! At the centre of this luxurious system is its Reefer-S 700+ G2 fish tank - a testament to cutting-edge technology and innovation. Boasting ample dimensions, precise engineering, and an elegant white exterior - the system makes an eye-catching feature in any living space that will spark conversations and inspire admiration from guests. Furthermore, its innovative layout optimizes water flow, filtration and maintenance - offering an aesthetically pleasing aquatic space with easy maintenance requirements and stunning visual appeal. Add an elegant finishing touch to this luxurious package with 2 RL 160 LEDs, renowned for their functionality and versatility. When combined with arm mounts, they enable you to craft the ideal lighting setup for your collection of corals - offering full spectrum color that showcases their beauty while encouraging their growth and health. Whether creating healthy coral reefs or marine ecosystems - RL 160 LEDs deliver the power and precision needed to recreate an environment evoking deep ocean environments. Reefer-S 700+ G2 Premium System not only is functional; it also delivers an unforgettable experience that demonstrates the perfect blend between technology and nature. You can easily control and modify lighting settings, creating dawn-to-dusk simulations that perfectly recreate natural lighting patterns to promote marine health while at the same time creating striking visual displays showcasing vibrant coral colors ranging from peaceful blue lagoons to vibrant red reefs - this control level allows you to design breathtaking visual displays that showcase all these vibrant hues! No matter if you are an expert reefer or a newcomer to coral keeping, the Reefer-S 700+ G2 Deluxe System in White offers you an opportunity to create an incredible underwater sanctuary. Enjoy creating an environment in which aesthetics, precision and environmental stewardship all combine with the stunning marine life found underwater - this Reefer-S 700+ G2 Deluxe System was carefully crafted with your enjoyment in mind and designed with care to excite, engage, and flourish your dream of keeping a reef.
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