Red Sea | Reefer Peninsula G2+ 500 Deluxe System – Black (2 x ReefLED160S, pendant 125-150cm)



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Red Sea | Reefer Peninsula G2+ 500 Deluxe System - Black (2 x ReefLED160S, pendant 125-150cm) The Deluxe System is equipped with two high-performance Red Sea ReefLED 90 lights, which provide the perfect lighting conditions for your aquarium. These lights have a wide spectrum, adjustable intensity, and programmable features, allowing you to customize the lighting to suit your specific needs.
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Red Sea | Reefer Peninsula G2+ 500 Deluxe System - Black (2 x ReefLED160S, pendant 125-150cm) Cabinet and tank with extra-fortified protection Advanced water management Lighting is included with the Deluxe Models: 2x ReefLED 160 1x Pendant 2x Tray RL160 The most popular-size Models Reefer P350/P500 G2+ The REEFER Peninsula 350/500 G2+ allow you to create stunning reef-scapes that help any space to shine with design. If you have always dreamed of having a less crowded Peninsula reef: Congratulations! you are now able to achieve it! These popular models are ReefMat ready and include ReefATO+. ReefATO+ System. Features to explore: REEFER 500/350 G2+ 1. Ultra-clear, rimless glass REEFER P350 and 500 G2+ aquariums are completely rimless and made of extremely clear, beveled-edged glass with an increase in thickness up to 15 millimeters, (or 0.6". 2. Extra fortified plywood cabinet Marine-spec laminated cabinets are shaped to follow the lines of the glass. They are now strengthened and made from plywood. 3. Outlets for dual return pumps Every single one of the REEFER Peninsula models come with two return pumps outlets, resulting in the perfect distribution of water. 4. Surface skimmer The pipe is concealed inside an overflow box centrally located, with a huge surface skimmer, with removable comb components, for quick cleaning. 5. Silent downflow system The larger rectangular inlet for the downflow pipe minimizes turbulent flow, making it easier to control. 6. Pipes that are hydrodynamically superior A hydrodynamically improved return pipe guarantees a strong flow from the beginning until the bottom in the tanks. The pipes are constructed with fast connectors at every joint (no glue necessary). Bulkhead connectors to both Metric as well as USA standard pipes are available separately which allows you to modify the sump piping. 7. High-precision valve All models have the latest and most improved high-precision valve installed in the pipe that drains, which allows for easy control of flow as well as a nearly quiet operation. 8. Professional REEF-SPEC summaries The professional sump comes with the ability to remove the mechanical filtration chamber (with micron filters and filter cups) and a separate refugium compartment and a skimmer with an adjustable height chamber to ensure optimal performance of the skimmer as well as bubble traps to stop air bubbles from re-entering the aquarium. 9. ReefMat-ready The mechanically filtered compartment makes it easy to installation using a plug & Play installation of the ReefMat 500/1200. 10. ReefATO+ The Red sea reefer G2+ 500 include the latest technology ReefATO+ system, which helps keep your salinity and volume of water steady, and comes with an precise temperature monitor as well as an extremely sensitive leak detector. *Reservoir not included. 11. Chiller and hardware chamber Every one of the REEFER Peninsula models have an additional chamber which can be used to house chillers, controllers, and other devices.
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