Red Sea | REEFER G2+ XXL 900 Complete System (160 Gal) – White



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Red Sea | REEFER G2+ XXL 900 Complete System (160 Gal) - White The white REEFER G2+ XXL 900 Complete System is a high-end all-in-one aquarium system for professional reef enthusiasts. This system assures ideal water quality and coral development with sophisticated filtration choices, a customized sump, a top-off reservoir, a built-in overflow system, and a high-grade protein skimmer, return pump, and LED lighting system. The sleek white finish offers a contemporary touch to any room.
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Red Sea | Reefer Red Sea 900 xxl Complete System (160 Gal) - White The Reefer Red Sea 900 xxl Complete System with white color is an all-in-one high-end aquarium system that is designed for those who are serious about their hobby and are looking for the very best of the top. The system has the length of 240cm giving plenty of space to accommodate larger aquariums and comes with a variety different filtration methods that guarantee the best water quality and the growth of coral. The sump can be customized to allow users to build the perfect filtration system to meet their particular requirements. The top-off reservoir helps ensure that the water levels are consistent and the integrated overflow system assists in maintaining an appropriate flow of water. In addition it comes with an excellent protein skimmer made of high-quality and a return pump that ensures efficient water circulation and filtration. Its LED light system which is specially made for coral growth offers the full spectrum of coverage and comes with the ability to program a controller to customize lighting schedules. The system is housed inside a an elegant white cabinet that is stylish and practical that has soft-close doors and adjustable feet that allow for easy leveling. The REEFER G2+ XXL 900 Complete Systems in white is the best option for those who require the highest quality in terms of design and technology. With its top-of-the-line features and gorgeous aesthetic it is certain to please both hobbyists and guests alike. At a Glance: Volume: 900 litre Finish: White Ultra-clear and rimless for a contemporary and stylish appearance Glass Thickness : 19mm Display Tank Water Volume : 720 Litres In Cabinet Sump Water Volume : 180 Litres Total System Water Volume : 900 Litres Display Tank Dimensions:- Length : 200cm Height : 65cm Width : 65cm Sump Dimensions:- Water Height : 21-27cm Skimmer Chamber : 45 x 51cm Pump Chamber : 33 x 28cm Return Pump Information (Pump not included): 3/4″ Threaded hose barb, Pipe Int. Dia – 25mm Rec’ Flow Rate : 10000 LPH Easy to set-up flexibility to complete your marine system with equipment of your choice
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