Red Sea | REEFER G2+ XXL 750 Complete System (160 Gal) – Black



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Red Sea | REEFER G2+ XXL 750 Complete System (160 Gal) - Black For dedicated reef aficionados, the REEFER G2+ XXL 750 Complete System in black is the ultimate all-in-one aquarium system. This system has innovative features including a configurable sump, top-off reservoir, and built-in overflow system, which ensures steady and healthy water parameters. The high-grade protein skimmer, return pump, and LED lighting system all contribute to outstanding water quality and coral development. The sleek black finish offers a contemporary touch to any space.
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Red Sea | REEFER G2+ XXL 750 Complete System (160 Gal) - Black This Red Sea Reefer 750 xxl Black Complete System is a top-of-the-line all-in-one aquarium that gives the ultimate experience for fish lovers. With an overall length of 210cm, this system provides ample space to accommodate larger aquariums. This system is complete and comes with an array of modern options, including a programmable sump with an adjustable level of water and a top-off reservoir that is integrated as well as an integrated overflow system. These features permit flexibility in the selection of filtration options, automated water top-offs and circulation of water throughout the entire system. The sump can be customized to allow the flexibility to filter options and the ability to adjust the water level allows for steady water levels throughout the system. The top-off reservoir integrated allows for automatic top-offs of water which help ensure stable water parameters. The premium protein skimmer, return pump, as well as the LED light system, guarantee high-quality water quality and aid in the growth of coral and photosynthesis. The elegant black finish gives an elegant and contemporary look to any space and makes it a striking and practical addition to any office or home. No matter, if you're an experienced fisherman or new to the hobby with the REEFER G2+ XXL750 complete system in black, includes everything you need to set up and maintain a flourishing and stunning reef aquarium. The larger format REEFER™ XXL now includes 2 sizes that give you the freedom to create more expansive, intricate and diverse reefscapes without the constraints of smaller aquariums. These aquariums sit on extra durable HPL coated plywood Marine Spec cabinets for greater water resistance, with fully adjustable feet for perfect leveling on any surface.
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